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I Told The Brook lyrics


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     I Told The Brook
    >> Marty Robbins
        I told the brook that runs down through the valley
    A secret my best friend never knew
    The brook told the trees and the trees told the breeze
    That I was in love with you
    The trees told the flowers hiding there by the hilltop
    The clouds told the moon that shone above
    So angry, yet blue, when they found out that you
    And your heart had another love
    The brook became angry and changed to a river
    Rushing so madly along
    The soft summer breeze that played tag with the trees
    Became so wild and so strong
    The bashful, white flowers hiding there by the hilltop
    Grew dark when the rain came pouring down
    Their hearts couldn't hide all the tears that were cried
    And had carpeted on the ground
    The storm passed, gone over, there's sunshine again
    The chains that held me are now gone
    The trees wave, hello, as I stand here below
    And the brook sings the sweetest song
    The bashful, white flowers are again by the hilltop
    The sun and the moon are still my friends
    I promise there'll be no more heartaches for me
    Till I fall in love again
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